Giani Sant Singh Maskeen ji

distributed the message with the holy Master Granth Sahib in numerous countries around the globe, including america, UK, Europe, the Midsection East, Thailand and also Singapore. Sant Singh Maskeen Ji’s supporters include not merely Sikhs, but many persons who usually are not Sikh.

Sant Singh Maskeen Ji

individual was extremely fluent inside Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and also Persian and in addition had a simple knowledge regarding English. Maskeen ji has been secular for the core, once this individual even consented to perform katha in the Muslim mosque inside Rajasthan but a number of the organisers failed to want any non-Muslim to be able to enter the particular mosque.
Giani Maskeen ji was a really well read one who frequently offered Ghalib, UStaad Zauk, Bulle Shah as well as other noted poets.
Having when promised any Sikh large priest ahead to Amritsar to accomplish katha annually during the particular month regarding Diwali, Giani ji stored his phrase for twenty-five years, right up until his abrupt and unforeseen death.
Through the 300 yr celebration with the Khalsa Panth, Maskeen ji has been invited for the Harmandar Sahib from the Jathedar with the Akal Takht to execute katha. Although he has been then dealing with a coronary heart problem in america, Maskeen ji, contrary to the advise regarding his medical doctors, travelled to be able to Amritsar to execute the katha.
Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was well-known for revealing scams as well as other wrong doings inside Sikh Wats or temples. He has been also proven to publish guides detailing the amount of temple’s kept a lot of the charitable contributions for by themselves. His endeavours to uncover such habits created shockwaves through Sikhism, because of this he earned the admiration of several and the particular hatred regarding others.
Through the early section of his living with sources short, Maskeen ji would certainly walk extended distances to succeed in remote areas to distributed the concept of Sikhism. Always getting careful to steer clear of politics this individual dedicated his / her life to be able to spreading the particular message regarding Guru Nanak.

Gyaniji mentioned: “That any Lion is known as more beautiful when compared to a Lioness plus a peacock a lot more beautiful when compared to a peahen does work, but any Lion never visits a barber to own his facial beard shaved or perhaps his head of hair cut plus a peacock never visits a barber to be able to pluck the feathers, but Guys who likewise have this unique quality head to barbers and also cut their particular hair and also shave their particular body and also beard. Which can be exactly similiar with a woman, so in a roundabout way men desire to look just like women and also loose the particular beautiful and also distinguishing features God provides given these. “.